My Story

When my Dad got sick, the purpose of my work came into focus.

I had opened my own wealth management practice a few years earlier after spending much of my career at big financial firms.  When my Father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I saw my parents take on the emotional and financial burden of a sudden, life changing event.  I watched my Mom take on the new roles of caregiver, scheduler, family counselor, and household CFO, all while hoping to enjoy a few more lake-front sunrises with her husband of 50 years.

I was there when my Dad passed away and Mom's new journey began.  She had to make complicated decisions at an emotionally difficult time.  She had to create her own financial management system and learn to speak a new language used by financial companies, the IRS, and the Social Security Administration.  Above all, she wanted to honor her assurances to her husband that she would manage their resources competently and continue to enjoy her life.  To do that, she needed to feel empowered and confident about the future. 

I learned through this experience the need to provide more than planning and investment management services alone.  I expanded my practice to offer financial education and organization tools to help my clients confidently navigate losing a spouse to death or divorce.  I also developed a prioritization process to help suddenly single women create time and space for healing, and readily serve as their sounding board for topics that may not even be financially related.   

Today, I'm pleased to serve more than 50 households along the West Coast and across the country.  Every day brings new possibilities to make a difference for my clients, and I'm thrilled to be a partner in their pursued success.